Success Criteria for Learners

It is generally accepted that the quality of education cannot exceed the quality teacher.

A little deeper philosophical jump would give rise to another question; how to determine the quality of a good teacher. The answer, seemingly, is contained in the proposition that the quality of a teacher cannot exceed the quality of his/her teaching. Naturally, this would give rise to another question; how do we determine the quality of good teaching? The point is to not trigger an infinite regression of questions. Therefore, the philosophy should probably be retired at this stage.

The straightforward answer is that teaching is a result-oriented business. The desired results, however, should not be limited to the annual grade attained by learners. It goes well beyond that. Ideally, learners’ reasoning ability, sense of good citizenship, technological awareness and academic development all should be treated equally.

  • Reasoning Ability:
    A learner should develop reasoning abilities to the extent that s/he become able to distinguish the essential from non-essential in our rapidly changing time.
  • Good citizen:
    The concept of good citizenship is rather broad and includes the responsibilities of being a global citizen, interpersonal skills, involving and contributing to international narratives.
  • Technological Awareness:
    A learner should be technologically aware as it is no longer a concept limited to affluent elite or geeks. In fact, it has become a new normal. 
  • Academic Attainments:
    Usually, this is seen as the sole criterion for success. That said, it is argued that this just one element and whilst it is certainly an important one, it should be treated as such.

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